Friday, January 26, 2018

✨New Equation For The Fine Structure Constant - Rough Draft#1 - Updated!


$$F\left(x,\cdots,x_n\right)\equiv1\equiv{m_e}{e^4\over8c\epsilon_0^2h^3R_H}-{{\pi r_pcm_e}\over2h}$$
$$m_e={2R_\infty h\over c\alpha^2}$$
$${1\over\alpha^2}={4c^2\epsilon_0^2h^2\over e^4-4\pi r_pc^2h^2R_H}$$
$${1\over\alpha}=\alpha^{-1}=\sqrt{{4c^2\epsilon_0^2h^2\over e^4-4\pi r_pc^2h^2R_H}}$$
$$\alpha^{-1}={e^4-4\pi r_pc^2h^2R_H\over4c^2\epsilon_0^2h^2}$$

Google Calculator Check of new equation   = 137.073329
(fine-structure constant)^{-1}                       = 137.035999138  NIST/CODAT/built-in constant

5 digit accuracy!  at least!!!

more later in follow up posts.

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