Friday, January 12, 2018

Entropy and Aether Flow

The Big Dipper in 4our Orthogonal (90°Positions Around North Star Polaris Central Sun as the Earth rotates looks like. 

$$S = -mGc\oint_{A_c}^{A_s}$$
How to apply the equation?
RADIUS = 0.56418959
DIAMETER = 1.12837918
CIRCUMFERENCE = 3.544907742351675
CIRCLE AREA = 1.0000000228726085 <~~~~~~~~~~~$A_c$
SPHERE SURFACE AREA = 4.000000091490434  <~~~$A_s$
SPHERE VOLUME = 0.7522528038726501
Note the 4:1 ratio of $A_s:A_c$

We'll finish this later, however, it is looking like this is the equation we have been applying through this entire blog.

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