Monday, December 25, 2017

Fast and Furry-ous - No One Defeats The Roadrunner! <~~~ Roadrunner & Coyote cartoon
The Triple Clown  <~~~ Obamaclown / Hoholder action
Leon Panetta - Good Conduct Medal

Some weapons are so powerful they're hidden.

Vietnam-era Military Police
Roadrunner patch
MP Roadrunner
informal name for road-clearing operations by TRACKed vehicles with the mission of preventing enemy/GUERRILLA interdiction of civil traffic and local byways. Also, nickname for ROAD GUARD escorts, especially armored-JEEP patrols by Military Police (MP). Also, INDIGenous soldiers dressed in enemy uniforms, with enemy arms and equipment, who travelled the communication and access trails established by the enemy, and deliberately encountered sentinels or couriers to gain information; sometimes surrendered HOI CHANH worked in their former area of operations. See EARTH ANGEL, KIT CARSON SCOUT. [nb: a similar program during WWII in the ETO operated by OSS was called "Sauerkraut" (word play: 'sour' + 'German')] [nb: during WWII, the German Brandenburg Division was composed of linguists who were specially trained to infiltrate foreign armies (eg: French, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Greek, etc) as impostors to perform SABOTAGE; "Brandenburger" trainees were tested on the effectiveness of their aculturated disguises in exercises called "Masquerade Balls"] 

Russian Red Cross Vehicle on the Ohio River December 2017
The Surfer, OM-IV

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