Sunday, August 6, 2017

Proton Charge to Mass Ratio

$${e\over m_p}=\sqrt{\pi^2{r_p}^2c^3\alpha\epsilon_0\over{2h}}$$
$e=$ elementary electron charge
$m_p=$ proton mass
$r_p=$ proton radius
$c=$ speed of light
$\alpha=$ fine-structure constant
$\epsilon_0=$ permittivity of vacuum
$h=$ Planck's constant
$${e\over m_p}={\pi r_pcq\over{2h}}$$
$e=q=$ elementary charge

Link for Google Calculation of charge to mass ratio of proton

elementary charge / proton mass =
95 788 332.2 s A / kg
(elementary charge)/m_p=

Proton Charge-to-Mass Ratio
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