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Biggest Science of 2016 - No Evidence of Dark Matter and Dark Energy

$\Omega_\Lambda$ vs. $\Omega_m$ 
Universal Reality is pointed out here: No Dark Matter, No Dark Energy
From: Marginal evidence for cosmic acceleration from Type Ia supernovae

Biggest Science of 2016:

No Evidence of Dark Matter and Dark Energy

While there is little to no evidence to support dark matter and dark energy, legacy scientists and legacy science still go after these topics with great vigor, investment, publications, and all the fanfare that goes along with the concensous legacy scientific method.

The image above highlights the area with a red dot where our universe lies.  Legacy science claims it's somewhere in the center of the ovals.  This video goes over legacy science's stance:
@ 9:30 The Red Zero Point IS Hyperbolic Black Hole Dynamic Driven SpaceTime!

Legacy science is useful for understanding the fundementals, however, it takes different thinking to solve the unsolved problems than what created them.  

The Haramein-Rauscher soultion to Einstein's field equations combined with their other work at and course work at Resonance Academy and all the many hours of lectures/videos over many decades revisit the fundamentals of the two main science theories 
  1. Cosmology: Einstein (et al), General Relativity (GR) 
  2. Quantum: Planck (et al), The Standard Model (SM)

and gives great insight into how Nature truly behaves (superfluid like aether, tetrahedral structure, holographic, connected, alive/conscious - blueprint for life IS in the vacuum).

Perhaps more time should be invested in comparing the results of legacy analysis of Dark Matter and Dark Energy plots $\Omega_\Lambda$ vs. $\Omega_m$, comparing to GR using Torque and Coriolis, to determine a similar plot to $\Omega_\Lambda$ vs. $\Omega_m$ however, using Torque and Coriolis.  Considering that the legacy science isn't whole, often it is better to invest the time in the ideas that work rather than working with a failed theory - however, it can be instructive.  Anyway, we move on, as this blog is to point out viable scientific and consciousness ideas that address science and the long unsolved physics problems (I consider physics to be all encompassing, including consciusness as well.  Complete physics includes ALL).

While the Dark Matter and Dark Energy failure is ongoing, not enough effort/publicity is placed on the geometric nature of the structure of the Universe: 
red square nebula MWC 922
Pinwheel galaxy M101 has square arms like our milky way

Hexagonal galaxy
More galaxy images here:  (many have geometric shape, about > 80%)
Sacred geometry example (phi-spiral implosion / resonance - cymatics)
Dual-tours black hole dynamics driven aether - simplified.  Actual pattern more complex.
Someone's been attempting to tell us...

Anyway, what I'm saying is there is much evidence to support a geometric universe, overwhelming evidence.  There are galaxies of all types of geometric shapes, and it is fits well with the ancient sacred geometry teachings.  

My best guess on how our Universe behaves is a combination of Haramein-Rauscher with The Electric Universe (Maxwell or EM theory added to GR, which it already is if one decides to focus on those terms) and Platonic nested phi-ratioed sacred geometries - it's holofractal, Hermetic, as above, so below. A superfluid aether is needed to be added back to advance the physics.

What I would look out for in 2017 and the future is the resolution of the proton radius problem:
  1.  <-- PRad at JLab
  2. more later...
and how as this problem is resolved that insight is gained into the vacuum (vacuum catastrophe) which will lead right to the fundamental structure of the Universe and resolve Dark Matter and Energy and explain Galaxtic structure and star speed profiles and much more (gravitational control and energy/matter from/into the vacuum).

We are on the cusp of great revelations.

The Surfer, OM-IV

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