Saturday, August 4, 2018

Here is the Frequency, Kenneth ***MASH 40.77***

What is the frequency Kenneth?
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MASH 4077
What's the 40.77 all about?
The NMR frequency is 42.6MHz/1T, related to the magnetic moment and the peak resonance frequency of 1H.

A Nobel prize was given for the anomalous magnetic moment of the proton:

The proton's gyromagnetic ratio, symbol Ξ³p, is 2.675222005(63)×108 rad·s−1·T−1.[13] The gyromagnetic ratio is also the ratio between the observed angular frequency of Larmor precession (in rad s−1) and the strength of the magnetic field in proton NMR applications,[14] such as in MRI imaging or proton magnetometers. For this reason, the value of Ξ³p is often given in units of MHz/T. The quantity Ξ³p/2Ο€ ("gamma bar") is therefore convenient, which has the value 42.5774806(10) MHz·T−1.[15]

My calculations say it's closer to 40.7MHz per Tesla, thus 4077.

NMR would be very important for medical imaging and immediate help to patients and doctors, and identification of chemicals, and so on.

This is so important that it would be keep secret most likely but hidden in plan view.

Or it could be simply a coincidence.

Anyway, fun to think about.  All is known somewhere.

The Surfer, OM-IV

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